Jury rules and voting procedures


01. General provisions


1 - The participation in the work of the Jury is only upon your acceptance of these policies. To the work of the Commission takes part also the Secretary of the Jury approved by the Chairman of the Jury. The Secretary of the Jury has the task of taking minutes, moderator and coordinator of the work.


2 - Members of the Jury of the International Music Competition Gian Battista Viotti will receive a report with the information about each candidate. This report will be used for notes and comments for each round.

The minutes will be bound by the acts of the Organisation of the competition and remain secret.


3 - Will participate in the work of the jury, the Secretary, the President of the Organizing Committee and any employees allowed by the Chairman of the Jury.


4 - Those members of the Jury who have a family relationship or have had in the two years preceding the date of commencement of the Competition continuous teaching relationship with one or more Competitors shall not participate in voting procedures regarding these candidates. This abstention is explicitly mentioned in the report. During the first meeting of the Commission each component shall provide a declaration

on their personal situation with regard to each applicant on the basis of the above.


02. Voting procedures


Admission to semifinal round

At the semifinal round are allowed 30 candidates maximum.

Each member of the Jury shall vote YES or NO. The candidates who obtain the largest number of YES will be admitted to the next round.

In the event that the last group of candidates with the same number of YES (for example 5 YES) would lead to a too high number of admissions, there will be a new vote only for this group to obtain the desired number of admissions to the semifinal round.


Admission to final

To the final round of the Singing Competition will be allowed a maximum of eight candidates.

Each member of the Jury will express its vote from 60 to 100.

The first eight candidates classified in the ranking will be admitted to the Final round.


If two or more candidates have obtained the same vote, there will be a new vote among these candidates in order to classify one.


Final ranking

Formulation of the final ranking of the Singing Competition.

Each Commissioner will give its vote from 60 to 100.

For the award of the first prize will be necessary to reach an average of 90.

For the award of second prize will be necessary to reach an average of 85.

For the assignment of the third prize will be necessary to achieve an average of 80.

The President of the Jury may add, if he feels up to 15 cents for each candidate.



The President of the Organizing Committee may eventually replace before or during the competition one or more members of the jury that, in his opinion, do not behave according to the norms of fairness.


03. Awards


Are planned for the 69th International Music Gian Battista Viotti Singing three main prizes.

The first prize is indivisible. The remaining prizes maybe be awarded ex-aequo. In this case, the prize will be shared equally.

The jury may not award prizes if they do not deem worthy any of the finalists.


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